Kerry Marit

Coach, Trainer, Grand Prix Dressage Rider, Owner

Kerry’s experience with horses spans decades and includes work in almost every equestrian discipline - few horsewoman have her breadth and depth of experience.

Over the course of four decades, Kerry has ridden and competed in western pleasure as well as in the hunter/jumper ring. She has driven ponies and competed in working equitation. In the last decade, she has proven herself as a high-performance dressage rider.

Kerry’s success in all rings is founded on hard work - unlike many successful riders and trainers, Kerry has developed many of her own high-level performance horses from the very beginning, from quarter horses to driving ponies, hunter champions to Grand Prix horses. Kerry has proven herself capable of developing superb equine athletes and continues to strive every day to create partnership that will excel in every discipline.

Kerry’s teaching philosophy is based on a deep love of the sport in all of its forms, and her desire to have every student, regardless of age, ability or goals, learn proper riding technique as well as excellent horsemanship comes through in everything she does. Whether she is teaching an advanced dressage rider, an intermediate jumper or a novice pony-driver, Kerry coaches her students literally every step of the way, and ensures that her students understand why things are to be done a certain way. Kerry’s riders are given a strong technical foundation which allows them to steadily build their skills from basic ability to to proficiency. As a life-long student herself though, Kerry teaches that as proficient as you may be, the learning never stops. That is why on any given day, she can be found riding, driving or both, always developing her own skills.

Having bred or bought, started and developed dozens of horses, and having coached hundreds of riders, Kerry has developed an expertise at matching horse and rider. Having regard to ability, temperament and physical suitability, Kerry is able to make successful partnerships which she is then committed to supporting through her excellent instruction and overall support.

Kerry is proud of the riders and the horses she has developed over the years. Of the many children who years ago sat on their first pony at Marit Stables, some are now young adults, still riding with Kerry. Some have gone on to ride professionally. Others have taken all they learned from Kerry - hard work, determination, accountability - and applied it to other pursuits.

Kerry remains committed to continuing to develop horses and riders while pursuing her own goals in the areas of dressage, pony-driving and working equitation.