Augusta Marit

Coach, Trainer, Grand Prix Jumper and Barn Director

Augusta is a life-long horsewoman, having grown up calling Marit Stables home. Her competitive career which began at the age of 6 continues to this day, and has taken her across Canada as well as to the United States and Europe.

Augusta has a talent for nurturing young and inexperienced riders - from the child who is horse- crazy to the child who scared to go near the paddocks, Augusta has her students well-mounted and smiling in their first lesson. Her riders leave their lessons with a sense of pride and accomplishment, excited to return the next time. Importantly, they also develop a proper foundation through her emphasis on the building blocks of proper riding technique.

As her riders progress, Augusta is able to draw on her many years of experience as a student, a trainer and competitive rider to continue their development through well-formulated technical exercises and challenging course-work.

When students of all levels are ready for the show ring, she is able to school them in all of the necessary ways - from the rules of the show, to proper turn-out for horse and rider alike. Once at the show, Augusta’s calm manner with her students grounds them and gives them the confidence that helps with their inevitable horse-show nerves.

In addition to teaching students at all levels, another of Augusta’s roles at Marit Stables is to develop hunter/jumper prospects. She is a strong and technically proficient rider who is able to communicate very effectively with young horses - many of the horses she has developed have gone on to outstanding show careers. In addition to developing green horses, Augusta is available to school clients’ horses as needed, on either an occasional or full-time basis.

One of the accomplishments of which Augusta is most proud to date is her partnership with a young student who went from absolute beginner to horse show competitor despite many significant challenges. Augusta felt very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with such a special student, and, after many months of hard work, consistency and determination on the part of both student and teacher, this extraordinary coach, rider and horse partnership celebrated some outstanding results in the show ring!