I have been riding with Kerry and Augusta since 2003. I have grown up at the barn. Both Kerry and Augusta have shown great support over the years with all the hours of coaching and expertise they have shared with me. They found me my perfect horse and helped me bring her up through the levels in the hunter world. The knowledge they have of riding and horses have helped me develop as a rider. I look forward to many more years of riding and competing alongside both Kerry and Augusta. 

- Jenna

This is Gracie; she has been my horse for nearly 7 years now. We had a rocky start to our relationship. Just recently we have transitioned to dressage, and it improved our partnership. I am still learning new skills every day, and sometime I may achieve perfect harmony with my horse. 

When I’m not riding Gracie, I also like working with Raindrop who is the cutest miniature horse ever.  Kerry has given me the opportunity and helped me to train Raindrop to pull a cart.  I took her to a miniature horse show in High River.  It was her first show ever and we did halter classes, jumping and cart classes.  It was a fun show; we won several ribbons, even a first place.


I came to Marit Stables 4 years ago and I’m very happy with the care my horse has received. I enjoy the learning atmosphere of the barn, and I really like the way Kerry has taught me to use jumping to improve my dressage training!

- Kelly Wise

Marit Stables was recommend to our family by a friend. Finding a trainer who understood Lily’s Autism was going to be a challenge, or so I thought. Both Augusta and Kerry have been amazing with Lily.  Within the first year Augusta suggested that Lily do some horse shows. This was only possible due to Augusta’s patience and a love for what she does.  Augusta helped Lily gain a love and appreciation for horse not to mention giving skills that we could have only dreamed of.  We were very lucky to have found such a special person and riding stable. 

-Lynne Stader

To get to where I am as a rider, I needed a lot of help and people who knew how to teach students from every age and stage. Kerry and Augusta have helped me for almost five years now and over the course of those years I have received training not only over fences but also in basic level dressage and proper ground handling. In addition to the riding coaching that Kerry and Augusta provide, they also helped me find a horse that is right for riding style, level and that matches my personality.  The first pony I rode was my sisters' horse until she outgrew her and I started riding and showing. When I was getting too big for my pony, Kerry and Augusta helped me find a new horse that would help me continue developing my skills, match my riding style and my personality, and one that would take me up in the divisions. We tried a few horses at shows, some at our barn and then we found my next horse, Arctic Bay. By the first ride I knew that he was a special horse and my coaches agreed. Over the next couple rides, he showed us he was a bit green and still needed some work, but I was up for the challenge because I new that I had two amazing coaches and an awesome family to support me. Over the 2 years that I have been riding him, I have developed my riding skills over fences, on the flat and showing.  This year we did five shows together and won three division championships and several provincial level awards. Since Arctic and I have come so far and my ride has developed a ton, I agreed to start riding and training a young pony. She had only been ridden 15 times ever before I started riding her.  It is helping me to learn patience and make sure my technique is good.  Kerry and Augusta supported the idea as a way to develop my abilities and riding diversity. We are also working on taking my ride with Arctic to the next level. Finally, my coaches have helped not only me, but also my sister, and my mom who rides for fun.  I also love seeing all the next generation of young riders at the barn who are so excited to start their riding lessons each week.


During the 4 years I have boarded my horse at Marit Stables I have learned so much!

I have had the good fortune to be a working student and have gained valuable experience riding young horses of all sizes. Due to Kerry’s generosity, I have also had the opportunity to show and ride horses at the FEI level.

My horse is well cared for and every happy here!

-Tess Wise

Locating a new home for my passion of riding horses while moving from a foreign country  was not a simple task. Finding Marit Stable was easier then I ever thought. I asked around and the reputation of Marit Stables was so inviting that we had to go and see for ourselves. It is true that Marit Stables environment is to learn at your own pace and of course being pushed when necessary. The care of the animals is paramount . The coaches are very  communitive and encouraging with everything. We were welcomed with open arms into the stables  and now we have a beautiful equestrian family.


-Renee ( mother to Gabby & Ruben) 


I've been riding at Marit Stables for over a year. In that time span I have learned from Kerry and Augusta how to take care of my horse and others properly. I originally focused on just jumping but with Kerry and Augusta’s tutelage I have become an all around rider . Kerry and Augusta made sure that the horse I leased was the right fit for me . They helped me with selecting the correct horse that best suited me.


-Ruben (16)


At Marit Stable everybody there is super chill and relaxed. No one pressures me into doing something I don’t feel comfortable doing and everyone is extremely supportive.


-Gabby (14 years old)

I have been at Marit Stables for over 17 years.  During that time, having started as a green rider, I have progressed from general western riding skills through 2’0” hunter classes to level 2 dressage, including showing.  I have gone from using Marit lesson horses to purchasing three horses of my own. All purchased with the help, connections and keen eye of Kerry, including utilizing her guidance with breaking and training of one young horse.  Over the years, I have observed Kerry’s care and attention to the progress of both rider and horse, which reflects her skill and passion for the animals and her enthusiasm for multiple facets of the sport of horses. Kerry is a devoted horsewoman and has been a great mentor to me.

 -Kathy Ogryzlo MBA, CPA, CA 

My daughter Meg S , 11 started riding at the age of 9 she has been riding at Marit stables for two years. She has progressed in her riding ability under the guidance of Kerry and Augusta.  The stables provide fabulous facilities with a heated indoor arena so that the watching parents don't freeze in the winter months. I would highly recommend this stable for anyone looking for a relaxed, friendly rider-focused facility.


-Leigh Sands. Cochrane AB

Our family is complete newbies to riding - our daughter’s best friend rode at the barn and her passion for horses brushed off on Cate and after many months of her begging we finally agreed to do a group lesson once a week.  That was in October of 2016 and we are now there 3 days of the week with my son and myself also taking lessons.  Kerry is our coach and what I like the most about her is her no-nonsense approach.  Kerry has a high but realistic bar of expectation.  Call me old fashion but I like the accountability that Kerry holds her students to.  She is firm but is but she is also very caring.  When that eventual tumble off the horse happens she calmly walks over assesses the situation, brushes them off and gets them back on, sometimes right away, sometimes after a bit of break.  Kerry is teaching my kids (and me) you that need to put in the effort,  to push ourselves beyond what we think we can do,  and when you fall you get back up again – you do not finish that way.

It’s not all about the riding as much as it is about the life lessons that she is teaching and that is what is important. 

-Lucy Rock, PEng

MJ Farms would highly recommend Marit Stables from Cochrane Alberta. We have known Kerry & Augusta thru our horse shows for years. We respect their horsemanship and happy successful horses they brought to our 30 + years of our annual AHHS show. Their clients have bought some of our young horses and went on to great success. BUT we could not be happier with last year (2017) when Augusta took on 3 of our 3 year olds to start and get ready for the market. The early start in March got them well handled and moving forward –within 30 days, was excellent –they came home with a basic understanding of the aids – walk, trot, & canter. No evasions due to misunderstanding and all happy to work. Augusta communicated with us often during this process.  The horses came home to Olds ready for our working students to put riding miles on. Going forward the Marit;’s helped us with getting the horses fit and learning the ways of becoming potential show horses. Then 6 weeks before the CWHBA sale, Augusta took them back to put a little more finish on them, introduction to small fences, flying changes, a come to the bit – adding the polish to assist with getting good prices in the auction environment. Augusta created professional sale videos to help with the marketing side. Augusta & Kerry are always professional with excellent horsemanship. We have a positive, honest, successful relationship. What more can you ask?

-MJ Farms. Olds, AB