We have always developed and trained our own horses for the show ring. Seeing our project horses and client horses develop into competitive, well-balanced horses gives us an incredible sense of pride and achievement.


All Disciplines – All Breeds –Training


  • We offer the whole package:

  • Complete all around training for your horse. Scheduling is per availability that best suits your horse’s age & your goals.

  • We offer monthly training slots for:

  • Touchups

  • Get fit

  • Show ready

  • Develop confident lead changes

  • Build cardio.

  • Ground Driving

  • If you own one horse but want to show the same horse in different disciplines we can make you a champion in all rings.

  • Training is available for clients that can haul their own horse to the barn.

  • We are very flexible with assisting horse owners with their training or helping them with a singular problem.

  • We have a number of horses and ponies in training at different levels at any given time and request that you contact us as early as possible if you need a certain time of the year.


If you are interested in having your dressage horse, hunter/ jumper or western horse train with Grand Prix Level Riders and our talented student trainers go to our contact page.

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